In this pack you can enjoy five of the best Premium Vodkas.
One of the most important features when you taste the vodka is its temperature as in their countries of origin, thus to appreciate its features.
What better place than inside our igloo?
In Icebar Madrid you can live the feeling of being at the North Pole. The Vodka is served in exclusive ice glasses in a tasting in which we will use three important senses: sight, smell and taste to assess the vodka’s quality and to compare the difference between one and another.

It includes:


A Poncho  to make a more pleasant stay inside the Icebar
4 types of premium vodka in ice glasses for tasting.

Note: When you finish your visit you have the opportunity to acquire any of the Vodkas in our store.



P.V.P 25 each (groups from 10 assistants looking up price)


"A vodka tasting is a new and special idea. Enjoy it in Icebar Madrid"