Legal ad
It is titular of this web page SOLOHIELO is the society S.L, with CIF B 82635277 and registered in the Mercantile Register, I Take 26605, Book, Folio 163, Sección 8, Inscripción 1, Hoja M479491, with CIF B85675114, with place of business in Madrid, C Azucenas, 33 (28039) Madrid. His telephone of contact is 91 429 81 68 and his email address
The utilization of this web page who makes it and implies the acceptance of all conditions included in this Legal Aviso attributes user's condition. The User will have to read these conditions every time that he agrees to this Web, since they can be modified thereafter. Some aspects of this web page, for its specialty, could be subject to conditions or particular rules that they can substitute, completing or modifying this Legal Ad, which is why they should also be accepted by the user that uses them or agrees to them.
All the contents of this Web (texts, photos, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audiovisual contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), As well as the check marks and other distinctive signs, they belong to SOLOHIELO or in the third position, not acquiring the user no right on them for the very use of this Web.
Any use of this Web that he has like purpose or that produces as a result the injury of goods, rights or interests of SOLOHIELO, of its customers or suppliers becomes prohibited or third-party. It gets equally prohibited to accomplish any use of this Web that alters, damages or disables the nets, servers, equipments, products and software of SOLOHIELO, of his customers or suppliers or third-party.
The user, will have to abstain of: To) reproducing, copying, distributing, laying eggs at the service of third parties, communicating in public, transforming or modifying the contents of this Web, except in the cases examined in the law or specifically authorized by SOLOHIELO or for the headline of said rights; B) reproducing or copying private use the software or the existing data bases in this Web, as well as communicating them in public or putting them at the service of third parties when it entails its reproduction; C) extracting or reusing all or any part substantial of the integrating contents of this Web. In any event, utilization or reproduction of contents or data bases that it is specifically authorized by SOLOHIELO are excepted from the foregoing.
The User that wants to put links into this Web will be bound to keep the conditions following: To) the link only will link with her home page; B) frames or frames of any kind that surround the Web or they allow to will not be able to establish themselves to visualize it through different Internet addresses or together with someone else's contents to this Web, so he produces, or may produce, error or confusion in the users on the procedence of the service or her content, implicate an act of comparison or disloyal imitation, serve to make good use of reputation, check mark and prestige of SOLOHIELO or her customers or be done any other way that is forbidden by the Law; C) from the page that sells off the link it will not be able to make no kind of false or inexact public demonstration on SOLOHIELO itself, on the quality of her services or on her suppliers, employees or customers; D) The sender will not be able to use the check mark or any other distinctive sign of SOLOHIELO inside his web page, except in the cases authorized by the law or permitted specifically by SOLOHIELO; And) the page that establishes the link will have to observe the legality in use and he will not be able to arrange of or lacing with illicit, noxious contents, opposites to morality and willingly habits, that they produce or they can produce the false idea that SOLOHIELO backs or back up, ideas, public demonstrations or the sender's behaviors or that prove to be unsuitable relating to the activity developed by SOLOHIELO and his customers, taking contents into account and the general subject matter of the web page where establish himself the link.
SOLOHIELO is not responsible to control that in this Web there are not malicious programs or any other information-technology harmful element. It repays the user, in any case, to have tools made suitable for the detection and disinfection of these elements. According to it, SOLOHIELO does not take responsibility for the damages once data processing equipments during the outburst were caused to the present Web. Just the same, SOLOHIELO will not be responsible of the damages once the users were produced when said damages have his origin in failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that suspend the service of this Web.
This Web can include technical devices of link that allow to the user to access other pages of Internet (links). In these cases, SOLOHIELO only will be responsible for the contents and services supplied through the links as soon as he knows its illicitness and has not deactivated them diligently. If an user considered that there is a link with illicit or unsuitable contents, he will be able to indicate it to SOLOHIELO, without that it implicates that this get obliged by it to withdraw the corresponding link. SOLOHIELO does not know contents and services of the links and therefore it does not become responsible for the damages derived of his high-quality lack, desactualization, unavailability, error, uselessness or illegality and does not answer for the realized or contents public demonstrations or services provided through them. If any user has knowledge that links forward on to pages whose contents or services are illicit, noxious, denigratory, violent or immoral he will be able to get in touch with SOLOHIELO indicating it.
The Legal attendee Aviso goes entirely by the Spanish legislation. The user commits himself to do a correct use of this Web in accordance with the Law, with the Legal present Aviso, as well as with the other conditions, regulations and instructions that, in his case, they may come from application.
Privacy policy
The users that facilitate data of personal character through this web page get informed of the incorporation from said data to SOLOHIELO's card indexes Limited Company for their treatment in order to contact with the informational sender, to give answer to their request, petition or consult and doing a later follow-up. In case of facilitating third-party data, that had gotten information to them previously of all what's disposed in this clause and to obtain his consent is the user's responsibility.
The User is responsible that the information that he provides through this Web is true. To these effects, the User answers for the veracity of all the data that he communicates and will maintain conveniently once the information facilitated, so he answers to his real situation was updated. The User will be responsible for the false or inexact reports that he provides and of the damages that it causes to SOLOHIELO or to third parties.
The navigation for this Web can imply the register of cookies with the aim of facilitating its functionality. The user has the possibility of impeding the intervening generation of cookies the selection of the corresponding option in his navigating program. Nevertheless, he does not take responsibility that the deactivation of the same impede the good functioning of the page.
SOLOHIELO guarantees certainty and confidentiality of the data of personal character that are facilitated for him. To such end, he has once the security measures of technical and organizational nature that are necessary to avoid his alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized entries, according to what's established in Constitutional Law were established protective December 13's 15/1999 of Datos of Personal Carácter, and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21 for which his Regulations of development is approved.
In accordance with what's disposed in Constitutional Law 15/1999, protective of Datos of Personal Carácter, SOLOHIELO request written and signed gives him information about the possibility of exercising access rights, rectification, cancellation and intervening opposition in which refrain the following data: Name, last names, I domicile with the object of notifications, photocopy of the DNI or Pasaporte, and petition in which the request becomes concrete. The paper will have to remit to SOLOHIELO, C White Lilies, 33 (28039) Madrid.