The PACK Icebar Madrid's TICKETS are available for their acquisition with 48h of precedence against payment with the habitual system of sale of revenues in the reception of the site. The schedules of the events for Tickets Icebar Madrid depend on the tax and the supplies of the day.

When interchanging the TICKET we provide each guest the cession of a thermic poncho.
The events for Tickets Icebar Madrid's different kinds will come true inside the Igloo, in no case the customer has the right to use the exterior of the site for the celebration of the event.
In the case of cancellation of the event the Tickets Icebar Madrid can be used in another date elected by the customer without the accessorial services that they volunteer in the acquisition of the type of event.

We have Vodkas's varied letter, Ginebras Premium and Tónicas of different procedences: France, Scotland, London, Wales, Sweden, India, Argentina Our check marks: Oval, Five Brecon, Valt, U´luvka, Karlsson, Pink, Geranium, Edinburgh, Bo, Brecon, Citadelle, Magellan, Mare, G´vine, Fever Tree, 1724.A the classics combined of Ron and Whisky Piña's Cockteles, Strawberries, Mojitos, Margarita Tequila add and Cóctel Icebar Madrid.

Available in bar non-alcoholic liquors and waters of the world in the showroom to take ó to have been.